Welcome to JLYM Ministries kenya

Dear brother/sister, You can’t miss a place to participate in our programs here in Kenya and also abroad!!

You can participate in our programs the following way:

 Be our prayer partner to ensure we meet the real need of our communities
 You can be part of our fundraisers team in fundraising for the projects of the ministry both locally and internationally
 You can be one of our children sponsors
 You can also donate towards our projects and activities

To know how, kindly don’t hesitate to contact the director or the office.


2014 children get together

We are very greatfull to God for the far He has brought this ministry and the great things we have witnessed Him do.

This is all about Him.We must also thank our volunteers,friends and partners for working along side us to help us nurture and emower the future generation for the glory of God.

We will be having a get together party for all our children at Oasis of Hope and also shall involved all the orphans in our community by the end of this year.

We shall need many volunteers and donations to be able to accomplished this,

Our main purpose for this is to give hope and empower the OVCs in our community to developed a positive perspective for their future.

You can confirm your participation as early as possible.

Thanks in advance and may the Lord bless you.

Community Free Medical Clinic

JLYM Ministries would like to thank the wilderness trust medical team for partnering in our work at the community.
the month of August and September were great months for the Akala community in Gem district since the volunteers were able to offer free clinic and also give out glasses to those who had eye problem.
Thanks for those who participated in any way and God bless you all.


JLYM Ministries is a christian interdenominational ministry serving the local communities of Kenya and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Main office or headquarter located at Akala Market, Gem district, Siaya County in Kenya .

JLYM Ministries.

= Reaching out ,Giving hope, transforming the lives of orphan children and youths, men and women in the rural communities of Kenya and beyond with the word of God by the Grace of God.

JLYM is abbreviation of Jesus Light of the world Youths on Mission that was bath from the light of the world youth initiative.

Message from the founder.

I must thank God for this great opportunity he has given us to work /serve Him in this ministry in reaching and serving the body of Christ in this nation Kenya and globally. I’m strongly convinced that by the word of God and faith we have in Him, we are capable and can make a great positive impact in our societies. We only yearn to see church equipped and empower to its mandate that the great commission.

It’s a responsibility of all leaders to help this young people in which level we can do it with a positive mind to ensure we have a well prepared generation